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Kuala Lumpur Attractions Everyone Loves

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19 Places To Visit In Kuala Lumpur In 2023 | Tourist Places And Sightseeing

KL Tower – an icon of engineering is on every traveler’s itinerary. Experienced climbers may opt to scale its bridge and observe from its observation deck; alternatively they can opt for dining inside its revolving restaurant.

KL Forest Eco Park consists of hanging bridges and a Canopy Trail at its core, as well as lakes and fountain attractions offering water shows twice daily. Cathay Pacific flights can get you to see them all, including Toronto to Kuala Lumpur flights. 

1. KL Tower

Menara Kuala Lumpur or KL Tower stands majestically atop Malaysian cityscape and will likely be one of the first landmarks noticed upon entering Malaysia. Measuring 421 meters in height, this iconic structure is Southeast Asia’s tallest tower and seventh-tallest freestanding structure worldwide.

KL Tower boasts an incredible selection of attractions and activities to make you feel on top of the world. Visit its Observation Deck for spectacular city views before trying your luck in Atmosphere 360 Restaurant for an out-of-this-world dining experience.

The revolving restaurant provides spectacular panoramic views of the cityscape from different positions. If you prefer an unforgettable dining experience, dine in an exquisite glass Sky Box for an extraordinary dining experience. Please keep in mind that both the Observation Deck and Sky Box depend on weather conditions so check before heading up, particularly during lightning warnings.

Tickets to both the Observation Deck and Sky Box can be purchased simultaneously, or select a combo ticket which includes both. These options offer great value for your money and let you explore multiple attractions simultaneously.

KL Tower features the Upside Down House, an extraordinary two-story house constructed upside down that is sure to fascinate visitors! This spectacular exhibit will challenge your perceptions of modern architecture while stimulating curiosity among those who visit.

2. KL Forest Eco Park

KL Forest Eco Park can be found nestled high atop Bukit Nanas or Pineapple Hill and provides a refreshing respite from city life. Also known as Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, this oasis of rainforest features 200-meter canopy walks which offer amazing treetop views!

KL Tower Park is one of the best things to do for adults and kids alike, offering leisurely strolls along well-marked trails to learn about its many species of flora – from rare herbs to giant bamboo grasses and creepers – as well as different species of trees such as meranti, keruing, chengal and pulai trees. Plus it plays host to squirrels, long-tailed macaques and monitor lizards!

The canopy walk at this forest is its signature attraction; high above, its canopy bridge allows guests to experience nature without leaving the comforts of city living. From here you can witness Kuala Lumpur’s skyline in all its glory!

KL Forest Eco Park features not only a canopy walk but also several hiking trails – Arboretum trail, Penarahan trail and Jelutong trail – for visitors to explore. You may camp within the park if granted permission by forest department. Morning visits tend to be least busy.

3. KL Tower Skyview Deck

Kuala Lumpur’s KL Tower stands as one of the city’s iconic landmarks and can be seen from most areas in town. Standing imposingly within a rainforest setting, this skyscraper can be seen from virtually all parts of town and ranks among one of the tallest freestanding and highest telecommunication towers worldwide. Take an elevator up to its observation deck for stunning panoramic views over Kuala Lumpur cityscape.

Visitors to the indoor Observation Deck (276 meters) and outdoor Sky Deck 300 meters above can take in breathtaking cityscape views from both places, while Sky Deck offers public access. Meanwhile, indoor Observation Deck features full service restaurant/cafe revolving dining while the latter hosts public access events and functions like The Sky Box which extends out from ledge for photo opps!

There are various combination tickets available, which offer admission to both the Observation Deck and Sky Box photos, plus canopies walks through KL Forest Eco Park as a thrilling adventure for nature-lovers.

Other activities and attractions in Dubai are the Petrosains Science-Discovery Center, a 7,000 sqm interactive science-discovery center focused on petroleum science but offering topics for people of all ages to explore. There are also restaurants located on its observation deck.

If you’re searching for something quirky and different, stop by the Inverted House near the parking lot; this quirky two-story upside-down structure will definitely spark your interest! And don’t miss your chance to admire Dyera Costulata tree Dyera Costulata that stands right by its entrance!

4. KL Tower Skybox One

KL Tower stands 1381-feet (421 meters). More than just another skyscraper, this popular attraction provides unforgettable experiences such as its Sky Deck, Sky Boxes, XD Theatres and KL Forest Eco Park – so make your plans now for this exciting attraction. Take advantage of this convenient combo ticket offer to guarantee entry!

Make time to enjoy city views on either the open-air Sky Deck or Sky Box, two glass cubes that provide aerial vantages of KL cityscapes. For an exhilarating adventure, visit Tower Walk 100 where it feels like your feet are touching air as your feet press against its glass-transparent platform (don’t worry; these sound effects are simply sound effects!). Or visit KL Forest Eco Park built within its tower by its builders; here, you will encounter exotic animals such as squirrels, giant softshell turtles and two of world’s largest local softshell turtles among others.

Attractions at KL Tower include its Observation Deck, Malaysia Cultural Village, 360-degree restaurant offering 360 degree views, mini zoo and mind-boggling Upside Down House. Furthermore, banquet halls and conference rooms can be booked for special events within its walls.

Make a reservation at Atmosphere 360 to experience dining inside its revolving restaurant and marveling at incredible views from inside its Observation Deck and Sky Box – booking tickets online will ensure a better experience and avoid long lines! Observation Deck access may depend upon weather; during periods of bad weather with lightning storms or thunderclouds the open-air deck and Sky Box may close; it is advised calling their hotline prior to visit so as to stay updated of its status; click here for more details.

5. KL Forest Eco Park Canopy Trail

KL Forest Eco Park is one of Kuala Lumpur’s newest attractions, situated within one of its oldest forests (Bukit Nanas) within city limits. Boasting an attractive treetop walkway and expansive skyline views, this 200-metre aerial bridge known as Canopy Walk must-see attraction is a must for visitors to KL. Plus it provides visitors with an immersive experience into Malaysia’s tropical forest; complete with cricket music!

Contrary to its counterpart at FRIM, this canopy walkway is not supported directly by trees; rather it relies on sturdy pylons placed amidst treetops as support structures. This makes the walking surface less scary but still feels nerve-wracking for most visitors.

Explore this forest reserve that has been designated both as a Bird Sanctuary and Wildlife Reserve since 1950 and 1934 respectively. Home to over two hundred tree species and twelve animal species such as bats, civet cats, squirrels, and long-tailed macaques;

KL Forest Eco Park can best be explored using a pass like the KL Pass, which allows visitors to pay one price and see many attractions, plus get discounts at restaurants and activities. You can purchase this pass either online or from tourist agencies throughout the city – just ensure it contains entrance fees for each attraction you plan on seeing! It is ideal for visitors with limited time who wish to see more of KL City. Of course if this option doesn’t appeal to you then visiting KL Forest Eco Park will still cost more.

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