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Everything you need to know about a Sahara Desert Tours in Morocco

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Morocco is a perfect tourist destination. It is one of the few countries whose nature is quite diverse. In Morocco, you can admire the high mountains, the forests, the paradisiacal beaches, the oases of palm trees, the gorges… there is something to charm any lover of nature and travel. However, the place to visit imperatively in Morocco is its famous Sahara. This captivating desert with its golden dunes. In this article, you will discover what you absolutely need to know before going on a trip to the Sahara.

Going on a desert trip: alone or via a travel agency?

It is true that going on a trip alone remains one of the best experiences to have. You are free in your movements and you make the decisions that suit you. However, for a visit to a country with a different culture, it can be a bit complicated. Likewise if you are traveling in a group or with children. Booking a stay with a travel agency for your Marrakech to Fes desert tour is a practical solution to avoid all sorts of possible trouble. You will be under the assistance of a professional team that manages your safety and well-being. You just have to follow a carefully designed program to fully enjoy your stay in Morocco without stress or problems.

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How many days to visit the Sahara?

It all depends on your desires. Travel agencies offer different tours ranging from a single day to several days of stay. Take the time to see the schedule for each tour and decide which best suits your needs. A one-day tour is often packed to see as many places as possible in just one day. The two-day tour is ideal for a weekend getaway. While tours of three or more days are often the best choice, as you will have plenty of time to rest before continuing your daily rides. In addition, you will have more chance to try different activities and excursions. However, the choice of circuit must also meet your budget constraint.

What to pack for a desert tour?

First, forget the big suitcase or the giant backpack; they will not be practical for this trip. Instead, opt for a small, light suitcase that will bring together all the things you will need. Secondly, find out all the details about your desert tour to Merzouga: the duration, stay in a hotel or in a tent, the season… That said, you must always have your papers at hand. Do not forget to have a safety kit to put your medications in if you take them. In the Sahara, the weather can be hot during the day but it will surely be cold in the evening. So, do not hesitate to take warm clothes. The little extra? Comfortable shoes for all your walks.

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What experiences not to miss during a Sahara trip?

Morocco is an excellent tourist country and visiting its desert is a wise decision to spend an unforgettable stay. Going on this trip to the desert, opt for a stay in a nomadic tent. You will have the opportunity to admire the starry sky at night, dine around a campfire with traditional music in the background. Also, go camel ride between the dunes to admire the beautiful sunrise and sunset scenery. Above all, try sandboarding or quad biking in the desert for a good dose of adrenaline.

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