What are the Prettiest Flowers ?

Flowers are beautiful. People across the world have different types of flowers that stand out to them. These flowers are often appealing to the eyes. You can’t walk by them without taking a second look. There are thousands of pretty flowers in the world.  Keep reading.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World 

Most people around the world treasure the most beautiful flowers. Here are five of the prettiest flowers in the world.

  • Rose

The list of the prettiest flowers can’t be completed if a rose flower is missing. These beautiful blooms are popular across the globe. Rose is associated with affection, purity, and love. The flower has an aromatic fragrance to it. Its alluring look lures everyone. This pretty flower comes in different colors; you’ll find them in orange, pink, yellow, white, and most often red. 

  • Hibiscus

Hibiscus belongs to the Malvaceae family. The flower is large and beautiful. This pretty bloom is often found in warm, tropical, and subtropical regions. The hibiscus flower, as part of the mallow, frequently displays its colors in any location. The bloom is known for being quite large. 

The change in the color of the hibiscus flower is a bit dramatic. In a day, it can transition from white to pink. Hibiscus also comes in other colors, such as peach, white, and yellow.

  • Water lily

This aquatic flower is amazing. It has over sixty species worldwide. People all over the globe consider water lilies beautiful. It’s the center of every aquatic flower.

Water lilies grow in shallow, still-fresh water. They help protect the ecosystem because of the balance of the water temperature. The best seasons for the water lily to bloom are spring and fall. Water lilies are pretty in several colors: blue, orange, purple, pink, and white.

  • Dahlia

These flowers are tuberous-rooted tender perennials. Dahlias are planted in the spring. However, they also bloom in mid-summer. They remind everyone of the vibrant colors in a garden in the early and mid-winter. Here is an interesting fact about the dahlia: it is at its best later in the period of its growth. 

The pretty flower comes in a variety of colors; you will find dahlias in white, blue, pink, red, yellow, and any other color you can imagine. They are also available in different sizes. Some are 2 inches, and you can find some in bigger sizes up to 10 inches. There have been records of some dahlias that grow up to 5 feet tall! 

  • Tulip

Tulips have over one hundred species worldwide. Today, this pretty flower has over three thousand varieties. The tulip is one of the most cultivated flowers across the globe.

The pretty flower often opens every spring. Tulips are in different colors. It has a short life cycle—it can live for only five to seven days. Every stem of this beautiful flower has one flower, but there are a few species with more than one flower on one stem.


Flowers are pretty to behold. And there are millions of kinds and species worldwide. Tulip, rose, dahlia, hibiscus, and water lily are always noticeable. They are well-cherished all over the world. Finally, reach out to BloomLocal same day flower delivery UK for the prettiest flowers.

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