Upcoming Pokemon GO Update May Introduce Smeargle and Delibird

Niantic is focusing on how the two most complicated Pokemon hanging around Pokemon GO is going to be released. While you’ve seen the discharge of most the Pokemon from Gen 1 and Gen 2, some Pokemon still avoid us. Using the release details of Ditto as our guideline, we’re able to recognize that both Smeargle and Delibird are very well en route to a random release date.

Earlier this week in a school event, Niantic Chief executive officer John Hanke revealed some good info concerning the launch of two new Pokemon. He pointed out especially that some Pokemon hadn’t yet arrived on the scene because of their “Special Moves”.

Arrival Of Smeargle And Delibird Theory

When Ditto was initially released, it showed up in game code prior to being release. We can’t completely depend on the appearance of Delibird and/or Smeargle code by themselves to inform us when they’ll appear – they’re already there. Whatever we can do is be aware of the switch to turn on.

Delibird is the type of Pokemon that’s intended for an occasion. He’s usually connected with winter holidays – more particularly Christmas. It’ll be nearly crazy if Niantic doesn’t take this chance to introduce Delibird this year. Otherwise, we’ll be waiting another twelve months with egg on the face.

Smeargle has a little more complicated moves to complete than Delibird. While Delibird is mainly in almost any Pokemon game, while Smeargle is a serious matter. Based on our anonymous source with the understanding on how it works, Niantic is working particularly on Sketch.

Upcoming Updates Side Talks

While it will not be Referred to as Sketch in Pokemon GO, it’s still coming. Whether or not this doesn’t finish off just like what it really seems in Pokemon Sun and Moon, we’ll need to sit down cry. The surprisingly brief video created by Balyen Games above should supply you with a smart decision of how it works.

In terms of big updates go apart from Smeargle and Delibird – it’s pretty clear at this time that the gym upgrade is on its way.  As outlined by John Hanke – around this afternoon – “We are working on improving gym battles.” He is also “excited for 1v1 battles.”

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