All Unown Letters That Were Released In Pokemon GO Events

Unfortunately, no one has caught all the Unown letters in Pokemon GO. Although some of them are showing up in the wild, there are some who are very rare and extremely hard to find.

EDIT: Thanks for the heads up. I’m glad to say that there are players who already completed all the Unown letters.

However, there are players who are doing their best to catch them all that they even spend a ticket to attend a Pokemon GO event where some Unowns are expected to spawn. So far, Niantic has released some of the Unown in Pokemon GO event, and here are some of them.

Unown Letters That Were Featured In Pokemon GO Events

  • A – Chicago, Yokohama, Safari
  • B –
    C – Chicago, Twitch
  • D – Anaheim
  • E – Europe
  • F – Safari
  • G – Chicago
  • H – Chicago, Yokohama, Twitch
  • I – Chicago, Safari, Twitch
  • J –
  • K – Yokohama
  • L – Anaheim
  • M – Yokohama
  • N –
  • O – Chicago, Europe, Yokohama, Anaheim
  • P – Europe
  • Q –
  • R – Europe, Anaheim, Safari
  • S – Anaheim, Safari
  • T – Twitch
  • U – Europe
  • V –
  • W – Anaheim, Twitch
  • X –
  • Y – Yokohama
  • Z –

In addition, some of the Unowns are also found during the Legendary Events:

Among all the letters found during the Pokemon GO events, only letters B, J, N, Q, V, X, and Z are not included. We still have to wait for them to see on the next upcoming events.

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