Shiny Banette and Shuppet Are Now Available in Pokémon GO

Following the release of Shiny Duskull and Sableye, Niantic released the shiny version of the remaining Generation 3 Pokemon available in Pokemon GO Halloween event right now. As reported trainers have begun to encounter and catch the shiny version of Banette and Shuppet.

If you are looking for more info, make sure to read our Shuppet and Banette guide. For a comparison list of other Shiny vs Normal Gen III variants visit our Generation III Shiny chart.

This is how the newly added Shinies look in game:

Shiny Banette:

Shiny Shuppet:

A normal Shuppet is covered by a gray cloth. It has black rings around its eyes. A normal Banette is dark gray on most of its body. It has yellow zipper like structure on its mouth and purplish-pink eyes. A shiny Shuppet is covered by a light grey colored cloth, while a shiny Banette is a teal on most of its body.

This release means that all of the Gen III shiny sprites have been released during the Halloween event. The following image contains sprites that were discovered before the event had started:

What are the chances to get a Shiny?

This question has not yet been completely answered, but it seems that the chance for a Shiny encounter is 1 in 256 encounters with the same Pokémon. As we said, this is yet to be confirmed, but early estimates using Gen III Pokémon hint that this is true.

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