Complete Pokemon GO v0.77.1 Data Mine – Bug Fixes, Gen III Forms and More

Earlier today, Niantic released Pokemon GO version 0.77.1 for Android and 1.47.1 for iOS. As usual, we will be showing you the hidden updates that are included in this new version. Here we go!

Complete Pokemon GO v0.77.1 APK Data Mine

This new version is all about bug fixing, generation 3 Pokemon, errors codes encountered in the game and a new feature!

Bug Fixes and Errors

First off, let’s start looking for the fixes that Niantic released on v0.77.1.

  • The Curveball Fix –  It seems like the curveball bug that we encountered for more than a week is now fixed. Niantic claimed that the new version solves the issue for the curveball throw.
  • Lobby Count & Avatar List Fix – This is another issue that has been solved in this version. As we all know, players are encountering this issue on the lobby during the Raids.
  • New Error Codes – In addition to the current list of error that we encounter in the game right now, Niantic added new error codes to the library. Here are the new errors that you might encounter:
    • Gym Not Found
    • Raid Unavailable
    • Invalid Attackers
    • Player Below Minimum Level
    • No Ticket
    • Invalid Server
    • Never Joined Battle

New Feature In Pokemon GO

Niantic just added a new feature in the Settings menu where you can toggle push notification for your gym defender Pokemon that has a low motivation. This new notification aims to help trainers defending their gyms.

Generation III Pokemon Forms Has Been Added

In Pokemon GO, there are a special species that have their variants that are called “forms.” One example that we already have right now is the Unown where its forms were added to the APK before it was launched.

With the upcoming Generation 3 Pokemon, Niantic already did the same by adding some forms to the new APK file. On this version, two new species received a new form. These are Deoxys and Castform.

  • Deoxys: where all 4 of its forms have been added
    • Normal Form
    • Attack Form
    • Defense Form
    • Speed Form
  • Castform: who has had 4 forms added as well
    • Normal
    • Sunny
    • Rainy
    • Snowy

These are the new data found for the Generation 3 Pokemon. We are still waiting for Niantic to release the cries for each Pokemon. Please be reminded that there is still no exact release date for the Generation 3 Pokemon. However, there are hints that were given to us that Gen 3 will be released along with the upcoming Pokemon GO Halloween event!

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