Pokemon GO Updated Egg List Chart Showing The Best And Worst CP That You Might Hatch

If you’re one of the Pokemon Go trainers who prefers hatching, then this new Pokemon Go infographic egg list is for you. With the help of the Silph Road research team, a new and updated infographic egg list has been released for everyone.

Updated Egg List Chart Includes The Best/Worst CP

The new egg list chart does not only tells you what you can hatch on that egg, but also shows the best and worst CP that you can get from a newly hatched egg.

Source: The Silph Road

10km Egg Still Got The Best Hatch

Generally, the longer you walk to hatch an egg in Pokemon Go, the better the chance to get a rare hatch from it. But there are only few beast Pokemon that you can hatch from a 10km egg, however.

Lapras and Snorlax are the best Pokemon that you can get from a 10km egg. However, looking with the recent balance update, Chansey and Omanyte are also one of the powerhouse Pokemon from a 10km egg. Dratini, on the other hand, is also a good hatch since it is just two evolution away from the mighty Dragonite.

Source: The Silph Road

How To Judge A Newly Hatched Pokemon

What matters most in Pokemon Go is the individual values or IVs. IVs are bonuses that a Pokemon can get aside from his base stats. Generally, if you’re a level 20, all acquired and hatched Pokemon will also be level 20. It means that the variation in CP upon hatching is a result of different IVs.

Source: The Silph Road

Pokemon GO perfect IVs of 15/15/15 will also give the perfect CP, while the possible lowest IVs is 10/10/10 which gives you the worst CP. These values are based on the attack, defense and stamina IVs. Please note that region-exclusive Pokemon are only able to hatch from eggs acquired in their regions.


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