Pokemon GO Update Brings Unique Pokemon Moves, Stats and IVs To Each Player

After the Pokemon GO Easter Event had ended, Niantic released a server-side update to Pokemon GO which brings an unexpected change to the gameplay. As reported, after the update goes live, players started to encounter Pokemon with different core stats for each player.

Pokemon GO Brings Unique Mechanic To Each Player

Although there is no official statement from Niantic about the update, players already started to notice the changes. With this new encounter and catching mechanic, players are expected to see different Pokemon stats.

Reports confirmed that the new mechanic when catching a Pokemon is now a player based. Which means each player depending on his/her level will receive different stats for catching the same Pokemon in the same area. Here are the differences between each player:

  • Moves
  • IV
  • Weight
  • Height

As of now, there are no exact information about the stats changes, but according to some Pokemon GO analysts, the new system has this behavior:

  • IV/Movesets appear to be based on level (NEW)
    • 1-24 are all different per level
    • 25+ are all the same
  • CP/LEVEL are based on level (SAME AS BEFORE)
    • 1-29 are all different per level
    • 30+ are all the same

To be honest, we didn’t expect this changes. Looking through the update, it looks like Niantic is preparing for the release of more shiny Pokemon. If so, you can check our article for Gen 1 and Gen 2 shiny Pokemon chart. Otherwise, this might be another security update to fight against spoofers and other cheaters?

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