Pokémon GO Tier 4 Dragonite Raid Is Now Live; How To Beat Dragonite

Trainers in Japan are having a good time with the Pokemon GO Pikachu Outbreak event. Yesterday, Niantic introduced the shiny Pikachu as well as the regional Pokemon Mr. Mime. And today, they introduced Dragonite as a new Tier 4 Raid Bosses.

Tier 4 Dragonite Raid Is Now Live

Earlier today, trainers who are participating the Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokohama, Japan reported that a new Tier 4 Raid boss has appeared. Surprisingly, the new Tier 4 Raid boss is Dragonite which is one one of the strongest Pokemon in the game right now.

The Tier 4 Dragonite Raid boss has a total of 35383 CP. Similar to the other raid bosses, it’s not easy to take down Dragonite alone and usually it needs 2-4 persons to beat it.

How To Beat Dragonite Raid Boss

Dragonite is a Flying/Dragon-type Pokemon. Meaning, its weaknesses are Ice, Fairy, Rock, and Dragon. But among the listed weaknesses mentioned, it receives a double weakness from Ice, making Ice moves extremely effective.

Keep in mind that a Dragonite has a strong resistance against Water, Ground, and Fighting-type Pokemon. In addition, a Fire, Bug, and Grass-type Pokemon are also weak against Dragonite.

Pokemon GO Tier 4 Dragonite Raid Boss

Although Dragonite has a strong attack move, some Pokemon can resist it. This includes Fairy and Steel-type Pokemon. Dragon-type Pokemon are weak against them but unless you’re using your own Dragonite, there will be no issue.


Best Pokemon To Counter Dragonite

If you’re planning to raid a Dragonite Boss, make sure that you have some of these Pokemon that can stand against Dragonite.

  • Dragonite – Since Dragonite is not a pure Dragon, another Dragon-type Pokemon will be effective.
  • Gyarados 
  • Golem – Another good Pokemon that can stand against Dragonite is Golem. Keep in mind that a Rock-type Pokemon will deal extra damage against Dragonite.
  • Tyranitar – Currently one of the strongest Pokemon in the game and also one of the best counter against Dragonite because of its Dark/Rock characteristic.
  • Dewgong – This is an Ice-type Pokemon which is sure to have a basic and charged Ice attack. Dewgong is mostly used to fight against a Dragonite in gyms event right now. Its Ice characteristic will be super-effected against a Dragonite.

Another viable counter against Dragonite is Magneton. Its neutral effectiveness character can stand against everything Dragonite can use. Some Fairy-type Pokemon that has a Fairy moves like Clefable and Wigglytuff can also do a great job fighting a Dragonite.

If you’re curious why you haven’t seen any Dragonite Raid in your area, that’s because this is only available in Japan right now. But there’s no need to worry. All trainers will be able to raid Dragonite as soon as Niantic released it worldwide. There is still no exact release date of the Tier 4 Dragonite Raid globally, but we are hoping to see it after all the event in Japan ended.

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