Pokemon GO Rock Event Adventure Week Has Been Announced

Following the Pokemon GO Grass Event, Niantic has announced Pokemon GO Adventure Week also known as Pokemon GO Rock Event. This event will begin on May 18 at 1 PM PDT until 25 at 1 PM PDT.

Niantic Announced The Pokemon GO Adventure Week

This new special event will run for a week and it will increase the spawn rate of all rock-type Pokemon in the game. Some of the rock-type that you can catch are Omanyte, Kabuto, and event the rare Pokemon Aerodactyl.

To help you maximize and enjoy the Pokemon GO Rock event, PokeBalls from the store will drop down its price up to 50% off. In addition, more items will be awarded from PokeStops. Your buddy Pokemon will also give you 4x candies when you’re walking with them.

Another feature of the Pokemon GO Adventure Week is the new avatar customization. The new option will give Pokemon GO players an exclusive Explorer’s Hat.

Earlier this year, Niantic has promised some interesting events will come in Pokemon GO and it looks like the consecutive events are one of them. That’s all for now trainers.

What do you think of the upcoming Pokemon GO Rock event? Be sure to share your feedback in the comment section below.

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