Pokémon GO Pikachu Outbreak Released Shiny Pikachu And Raichu

Japan is surely the best country to live for a Pokemon fan. Unlike the other countries, Japan already received a series Pokemon GO events. And now, they have another exclusive event which is the Pikachu Outbreak.

Pikachu Outbreak already started today, August 9 until Tuesday next week, August 15. The event introduces a lot of amazing features but what’s really exciting about this event is the sighting of a new shiny Pokemon.

Shiny Pikachu Is Now Live

Pokemon GO has yet to announce this shiny release, however, there are lots of Pikachu Outbreak attendee who already managed to catch a shiny Pikachu. As of now, there are no other sighting and reports of a shiny Pikachu from other places. So for now, it is safe to say that the shiny Pikachu is only available in the event location.

In addition to the shiny Pokemon, Pokemon GO trainers can also catch the region exclusive Pokemon, Mr. Mime. However, not because you are in Japan, you can catch freely catch them. It’s because it only spawns in the event location which is at Cup Noodle Museum Park and Red Brick Park.

On the other news, Pokemon is also hosting a Pokemon GO Stadium Event on Monday. There are still no details for this event, however, many believe that Ho-Oh will make its appearance during the event.

Pokemon GO Shiny Pikachu

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