Pokémon Go Is Now Officially Partnered With Starbucks For More Pokestops, Gyms & Special Frappuccino

The rumored Pokemon Go Starbucks leak turned out to be true and Niantic finally confirmed and announced the official partnership between the two companies. This new partnership will bring new PokeStops and gyms as the Starbucks local branches in the US will be converted into new PokeStops and gyms.

Source: Pokemon GO Page

Niantic and Starbucks Partnership

Aside from the expected 7,800 new PokeStops and gyms, Starbucks will also give a special Pokemon Go Edition Frappuccino to celebrate the tie with Niantic. Are you curious what does the Pokemon Go Frappuccino tastes like? I suggest you visit the nearest Starbucks in your area.

This partnership is similar to the McDonald’s partnership before where they paid Niantic to turn more than 3000 McDonald’s branch in Japan into a PokeStop and gyms. But unlike the Mcdonalds, Starbucks added a flavor with the partnership by giving Pokemon Go players a special beverage.

Earlier this week, Niantic also announced the upcoming partnership with Sprint, Boost Mobile and Sprint at RadioShack which will also convert more than 10,500 locations across the US into a PokeStops and gyms.

New Pokemon Coming

On the other hand, Niantic also revealed on their social media account that they will be giving details about  the coming of new Pokemon this coming Monday, December 12. This will be a huge engagement for Pokemon Go community.

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