Pokemon GO Halloween Event Boxes; Are They Worth It?

Pokemon GO Halloween event is now live and trainers are already enjoying the features that the event has been offering. Similar to the previous events in Pokemon GO, Niantic has prepared another special box that contains amazing items for a discounted price.

If you are planning to get one of these boxes, make sure that you know what you need for the game. Here are the details of the Halloween event special boxes.

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What Boxes Should You Buy?

These Halloween boxes contain premium items which include Incense, Lucky Egg, Premium Raid Pass, Super Incubator and some bonus items. Just like before, you can get all these items in a package for a discounted price.

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Special Box

This box contains x6 Raid Passes and x10 Pinap berry which is suggested for trainers who are planning to do some number of Raids. The total cost of x6 Raid Passes is usually 600 coins but buying it with Special box, you just have to pay a total of 480 PokeCoins. An excellent choice for Raiders but unfortunately, you will not get any Super Incubator on this package.

Great Box

Recommended for solo players who are just aiming to catch numbers of Pokemon. On this package, you will get a good amount of Incense and Super Incubator. You will also receive a Raid Pass for your future Raids and x10 Razz Berry. You can get this box for 780 PokeCoins.

Ultra Box

Best box option for hardcore Pokemon GO players. It’s a bit expensive but you are still paying by almost less than 50% from its original price. On this box, you will get all the items being offered from the Special and Great box. Just pay 1480 PokeCoins and the Ultra box is all yours!

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