Pokemon GO Gen III Badge, New Battle Feature, Mimikyu Hat and More Have Been Confirmed

Few days after the discovery of the new Pokemon GO Halloween splash screen and the hints for the Mimikyu hat, Niantic has finally added its assets to the game app. Along with the addition of the Mimikyu hat are the details for the new Battle Parties feature, Generation III Pokedex badge details, and some additional utility for the upcoming features of the game.

Mimikyu Hat Has Been Confirmed

It’s now confirmed that trainers will be receiving new hat for their characters. The Mimikyu hat is expected to be available this coming Pokemon GO Halloween event.

Interestingly, this is the first time that Niantic has added a feature that is still too far from the present updates. As we all know, Mimikyu is a Generation VII Pokemon and was just recently introduced during the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

New Battle Feature In Pokemon GO

In addition to the discovery of the Mimikyu hat is the Battle Party Feature. It’s still unclear if we are going to see this feature during the event, but what’s clear is that it will be coming very soon.

Battle Party feature will enable players to create a group of 6 Pokemon to use in Gym and Raid Battles. This will save time from manually picking and setting up your team every battle.


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