Pokemon GO Ditto Can’t Copy Them All

Niantic just released the new Pokemon in the game that highlights the Gen 2 baby Pokemon. Aside from that, Niantic also released a special holiday for Pikachu where you can find and catch him wearing a Santa hat.

While the Niantic is doing great for releasing the baby Pokemon update, it seems like they forgot something in the game. Just a few weeks ago, Niantic also released Ditto in the wild with its promising ability to transform into anything.

Pikachu Just Trolled Ditto

Every Pokemon Go player loves Pikachu and that can’t be denied. With its special holiday feature, Pikachu boosts its popularity in the Pokemon Go world. As a result, players tend to use Pikachu in battling more frequently. It was a good run for every Pokemon, however, it was a different story for Ditto.

Source: TechPocket

Some Pokemon Go players tried to battle with Ditto against a Pikachu with a Santa hat. The outcome is very disappointing. In the Pokemon anime series, Ditto can even copy and transform into a book while in Pokemon Go, Ditto can’t copy a simple Santa hat.

Ditto is tagged and popular for its transformation ability. While the Santa Pikachu is out, Ditto’s image seems becoming nasty. Why? Simple answer. Ditto can’t copy them all.

I really feel sorry for Ditto for this update. Better luck next time Ditto.

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