Pokémon GO Chicago Fest Attendees Are Having A Hard Time Claiming Ticket Refund

Thousand of Pokémon GO players went and gathered in Chicago, Illinois for the Pokémon GO Chicago Fest Event. However, the event did not go as planned due to some major server problems.

Because of what happened, Niantic promised to give a full refund to all the tickets that were used during the event and also give attendees a bonus PokeCoins. However, lots of Pokémon GO Fest attendees are having a hard time claiming the refund.

Trainers Are Having A Hard Time Getting The Refund

Recently, the company behind the distressing Pokémon GO Chicago Event sent out an email to attendees telling that there are requirements needed for them to qualify for a refund. As part of the verification, players are required to send the information needed directly to Niantic.

According to the email, players need to send a picture of the following: the time they joined the event on July 22, the 7-digit alphanumeric ID found on the player’s wristband, the 12-digit alphanumeric code found below the QR code, the QR code itself, the Chicago iron-badge, the order number and email used to purchase the ticket online and last but not the least, the email address that the player used to activate the wristband.

Chances are, many attendees may have already lost or thrown some of the requirements needed. This is not surprising since what happened in Chicago was really awful. Well, we cannot blame if Niantic is doing this since they are also avoiding fraudulent refunds.

However, this is really bad news for those Pokémon GO Chicago Fest attendees who already lost some of the requirements and also to some players who just bought the tickets from resellers.

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