Pokémon GO App Network Traffic Shows A Super Incubator

There might be no new Pokémon GO client update, but behind its back is the network traffic where some server side update happens. As we can remember, the shiny Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu from the Pikachu Outbreak Event were also found in the app network traffic. And yes, it went live later. Now, it looks like a new asset has been added in Pokémon GO using the network traffic where it shows a Super Incubator.

Super Incubator Maybe Coming Soon

Thanks to ZeChrales for discovering and decrypting the new data traffic. According to his decryption, the new data shows a Super Incubator that has a description of “A more powerful Egg Incubator helps Eggs hatch quickly. Breaks after one use.”

Aside from that texts, there are no other data was found. But we are hoping that on the next client update, the icon for the Super Incubator will also appear in the app data. Interestingly, it seems like Niantic finally decided to use the distance multiplier that every incubator should have.

Similar to the normal incubator that we have right now, the super incubator may likely appear in the in-game store which will cost more. There is still no official announcement from Niantic about this, however, we believe that we will be seeing the Super Incubator very soon.

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