Pokémon Costumes and Shiny Pokémon Are Coming In Pokémon GO

Niantic announced the partnership with two big companies in the US, the Starbucks and Sprint. Aside from that announcement, Niantic also teased Pokémon GO players about the upcoming new Pokémon.

The announcement made a buzz in the Pokémon Go community and most trainers are already hyped while waiting for this. Looking at the previous client update, this gives us the idea for the possible announcement of Niantic tomorrow, December 12. With the help of the latest data mine from version 0.49.1 we found some new interesting codes that may come together with the announcement tomorrow.

Expect Pokémon Costumes To Come

Yes. The recent data mine shows new codes that are pointing to Pokémon costumes and holiday events. Christmas is just a few days away and it is a good time to introduce this feature. According to Tech Pocket, Pokémon costumes will give Pokémon trainers the option to dress their Pokémon.

Source: Tech Pocket

Watch Out For Shiny Pokémon Nearby

Thanks for the Silph Road team who managed to get more information about the shiny Pokémon. The shiny Pokemon code has been found when the buddy system was released but there is no update after that. While in the recent update, a new codes has been added for the data of shiny Pokemon.

While we haven’t heard anything from Niantic just yet, we cannot conclude that shinies will be available this year. But in the case of Pokémon costumes, the possibility of seeing it is high since Christmas is one good chance to dress up our Pokémon with Santa hat.

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