Niantic Shoots Down The Rumored Pokemon GO Ho-Oh EX Raid Battle

Just right after the rumored Ho-Oh release this coming December, Niantic support clarified everything about this news. Unfortunately, the Ho-Oh EX Raid from the alleged support email from Japan is not real and just a fake news!

Ho-Oh Is Not Yet Coming

Over the weekend, Pokemon GO trainers have stumbled and get hyped because of the alleged Ho-Oh EX Raid release that came from the email sent by Niantic into the Pokemon GO Japanese community.

Many fans are confused if the email was real or fake, with many arguing that the email sent was real since it almost follows the same format that Niantic. But Niantic support immediately shoots down the news, after the official Niantic support following Reddit confirmed that the email was faked.

According to u/NianticGeorge, the Niantic official support:

I reviewed our support ticketing system and I can confirm that our support team did not send this erroneous message.

So nope, there will no Ho-Oh coming to the EX Raid any time soon. It’s still unclear when Ho-Oh is coming to the game, but in the meantime, don’t expect to find Ho-Oh in any EX Raid. Right now, Niantic is still working on finishing the EX Raid feature for a better Pokemon GO experience.

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