Niantic Rolled Back The Version Of Pokemon GO In The AppStore and Google Play Store

Earlier this week, Niantic released Pokemon GO version 0.81.1 where they introduced some new features in the game. However this update contains a lot of bugs and as a result, the propagation of the update has been stopped and rolled back its old version 0.79.4.

Pokemon GO Update Rolled Back

The new version 0.81.1 update has been removed from the App Store and Google Play Store and reverted back to version 0.79.4. We tried to dig in on this version and we found out that it was exactly the same as 0.79.3.

No new codes and assets have been found but instead, the new features that have been introduced in 0.81.1 are gone. Below are the confirmed features that were gone after this event:

  • You can’t power up Pokemon up to level 39.5
  • Unity engine has been reverted to its previous version, re-introducing the background sound bug
  • Generation III move effects have been removed. Doom Desire, Draco Meteor, Psycho Boost, Surf, Take Down (fast), Waterfall (fast) and Yawn (fast) effects are no longer in the APK.
  • Blacklist and memory management tweaks have been reverted

Quoted from the official announcement of Niantic support team:

Trainers, we’ve halted the rollout of Pokémon GO version 0.81.1 due to performance issues we’ve observed over the past few days. (1/2)

In case you already updated your Pokemon GO app to version 0.81.1 and you face some of the issues on this version, we recommend you to downgrade the app. However, if there are no bugs showing on your end, then you’re on a good path.

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