Niantic May Have Accidentally Added A Shiny Zapdos In Pokemon GO

The legendary Zapdos has finally arrived in Pokemon GO, however, it looks like it’s not just an ordinary Zapdos. According to some reports, Niantic may have accidentally added a shiny Zapdos instead of the normal version.

Shiny Zapdos Mistakenly Added?

Shiny Pokemon are considered to be the rarest among the rarest Pokemon. No matter how rare or common a Pokemon is, if it’s a shiny, consider yourself lucky if you got one. For those who don’t know, shiny Pokemon have an alternate color scheme than the normal Pokemon which makes them unique from the others. In Pokemon GO, there are two confirmed shiny Pokemon. These are Magikarp and its evolution, Gyarados.

However, it looks like there will be an additional shiny Pokemon in the game. According to the latest report, Niantic may have mistakenly added the shiny version of Zapdos in Pokemon GO. This is because the Zapdos available right now has a color of a shiny Zapdos.

In the previous data mine, a normal Zapdos is supposed to have a yellowish beak and legs. However, the Zapdos that you are seeing right now in the game has an orange beak and legs. In terms of its feather, a normal Zapdos and a shiny Zapdos has nearly identical color. In addition, there’s also a difference of the color of its shadow under its wings. Here’s a clearer view between a normal Zapdos and a shiny Zapdos.

Normal Zapdos vs Shiny Zapdos

Looking at the images above, it clearly shows that the Zapdos that we encounter in the wild right now is definitely a shiny version.

But to make things clear, not because the Zapdos appearing in the game right now looks like a shiny, it is not “really” a shiny Zapdos. One of the proof is that there is no indication shiny particles surrounding the Pokemon, no shiny Pokemon warning transfer and even a shiny icon.

So what maybe actually happened on this matter? Well, it looks the developer accidentally swapped the texture models of a normal Zapdos to a shiny Zapdos and enable this features in Pokemon GO. While many trainers are currently catching a shiny like Zapdos right now, we’re guessing that Niantic will silently fix this issue if noticed. Niantic hasn’t confirmed it yet whether it’s a mistake or not so in the meantime, enjoy catching those shiny looking Zapdos in the wild.

For more tips on how to beat the legendary Zapdos, make sure to check out our guide from here. Stay tuned for more updates!

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