Niantic Has A Little Surprise To All Pokemon GO Spoofers and Cheaters

Earlier today, Niantic announced the Pokemon GO Halloween event along with its exciting features and in-game bonuses. However, it seems like Niantic has also prepared a small gift for players who are using third-party apps on Pokemon GO.

As reported, trainers who are using third-party apps like GPS Spoofers, Joystick and more will start receiving a notice that their account will be included on the blacklist accounts of Pokemon GO. This list will be sentenced if their accounts will just receive a shadowban, temporary ban or the worse, permanent ban.

While everyone who is playing the game neat and clean, they will be enjoying the Halloween event tomorrow and will be seeing 5 new Pokemon in the wild (6 if Pikachu’s new hat was included). Some trainers who are listed in the blacklist won’t be able to play the game unless they remove the third-party apps that were installed on their device. Once these apps have been removed, trainers still have a chance to experience the event and the other feature of the game in the future.


If you are worried if you have installed third-party apps that may violate the Terms of Services of Pokemon GO, we recommend you to remove all those applications before its too late.

In case you received a notice and you know that you are not cheating, just open a ticket to the official Pokemon GO support team and let them check your account for verification. There are cases that their system sometimes fails to detect activities.

Pokemon GO Halloween event is one of the most awaited events of the year. It offers lots of amazing features so it would be a shame to miss out this features.

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