Niantic Confirms A Big Event Is Coming To Pokemon GO In Japan This Summer 2017

Pokemon GO trainers are a bit busy this last few days because of the Pokemon GO Easter Event. And because of that, some of you may have missed one big announcement from Niantic. In the recent interview with Niantic staff in Japan, there will be a huge Pokemon GO event that is coming this summer exclusively in Japan.

Huge Pokemon GO Event In Japan Confirmed

The revelation of the event was held during the interview with Niantic’s staff from Japan at K-Tai Watch and the guests are Yoshiji Kawashima (Asian General Manager) and Kenji Suka (Asian General Marketing Manager).

Image: K-Tai Watch

Apparently, this interview does not focus on Pokemon GO, instead, it’s all about the future of their another game, Ingress. Yes, this is not all about Pokemon GO but surprisingly, Kawashima also revealed the future of Pokemon GO.

According to Kawashima, A huge event is planned for this summer, unlike anything we’ve seen so far. Please look forward to it. Engineers are working hard now so that new functions can be implemented he added.

The two staff also confirmed that the recent exclusive events in Pokemon GO Japan that include Lapras event and Snorlax event are successful. With that in mind, Niantic staff told K-Tai Watch that the Japanese trail is not yet over and they are planning to release more similar events.

Aside from that, the two also shared some insights about the wearable device, the Pokemon GO Plus. According to them, a wearable device was also developed for Ingress, but apparently, these devices are not yet wearable enough to support the game experience.

Summarized Report Of The Interview

  • Huge Pokemon GO Summer Event is planned this year.
  • Release dates of the PvP, trading, and raids are still not confirmed. But Niantic has confirmed a more cooperative gameplay will be released this Spring.
  • More exclusive events similar to Water Festival Event will be released this year.

That’s all for now folks! Happy hunting.

PS. Thanks to Google Translate that help us translate some important parts of the interview that concerns the Pokemon GO. If you’re interested to read the full interview, you can visit this link. Please also note that the article cover does not represent the actual content. It is just a Mewtwo concept made by Albert Choi.

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