Niantic Announced Pokemon GO Grass Event & 6 Hours Lure Module

Just as expected, Niantic has prepared another Pokemon GO event for this month. Last April, Pokemon GO players enjoyed hunting and catching Pokemon during the Pokemon GO Easter event.

Niantic Announced Pokemon GO Grass Event

Earlier today, Niantic announced the Pokemon GO Grass event that will start on May 5 to May 8, 2017. Unlike the other Pokemon GO events, the grass event is so by far the shortest span, three days to be exact.

So what should we expect in this event? Just as the title says, there will be a spawn increase to all grass-type Pokemon.

Lure Module For 6 Hours

Aside from the increase of grass-type Pokemon spawn, Niantic has also extended the time span of the lure modules. During the entire event, all Lure Modules will have a total of 6 hours time span.

That’s all for now trainers. Be sure to take advantage of this event if you’re a grass-type Pokemon fan.

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