The Legendary Ho-Oh Will Start Appearing On EX Raid Battles In December

Niantic already released most of the Legendary Pokemon in the game, however, there are still who are not yet available.One of them is Ho-Oh, a legendary Pokemon from the Johto Region. Although Niantic still don’t release an official announcement on their websites, they already sent an email that contains the possible release date of Ho-Oh.

Ho-Oh Release Date

According to reports, the Japanese support team of Pokemon GO has sent an email to trainers which confirmed the release of Ho-Oh. Quoted from the original text of the email:




If you can understand and read Japanese language, then you’re in luck. But for those who don’t, here’s the English translation (thanks to Google Translate):

We received inquiries about EX raid. If you need additional information to investigate, we will contact you by email. Below is the answer.

Field test in Japan of EX Raid is over. The field test runs around the world with 3 legendary beasts. Wait until the Ho-Oh EX raid scheduled for official introduction in December. There are Tottori event in Japan and Halloween event in common world, so please enjoy it there.

If Pokemon GO can not play normally depending on the symptoms currently occurring, try reinstalling the application in the following procedure. In general, reinstalling an application may solve many problems.

Confirmed Updates From The Email

As you can see in the above translation, Niantic (JP) confirmed the following things in Pokemon GO:

  • Mewtwo EX Raid tests in Japan are over. Meaning trainers in Japan will no longer see Mewtwo in any raids until the official release date.
  • Ho-Oh will start appearing in EX Raid battles in December

According to the Reddit thread, the e-mail was sent to all Pokemon GO trainers residing in Japan. Clarifying some concerns and confirmed the appearance of Ho-Oh as soon as the Legendary Beasts finished their monthly rotation.

In the meantime, the Pokemon GO Japanese support suggested to enjoy what we have right now and support the upcoming Pokemon GO Tottori and Halloween event!

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