Last Chance To Catch The Legendary Ho-Oh In Pokemon GO

With the addition of the Generation 3 Pokemon, many trainers are already forgetting something important in the game right now. Yes, it’s the departure of the Legendary Ho-Oh. As previously announced, Ho-Oh will start disappearing in Raid Battles across the globe tomorrow, December 14th.

Ho-Oh started appearing last month when Niantic decides to reward Pokemon GO players for completing all the milestone in the Pokemon GO Travel and Global Catch Challenge. All the three major challenges have been reached by capturing a total of 3 billion Pokemon around the world.

Along with the release of Ho-Oh is the release of the region locked Pokemon across the continent. Kangaskhan and Farfetch’d started appearing in regions where they are not allowed.

The Legendary Ho-Oh was scheduled to be available until December 12 but Niantic extended its duration by another 48 hours. As scheduled, Ho-Oh will still appear in many gyms worldwide until 1 PM PT or 4 PM ET on December 14.

Ho-Oh isn’t the only Legendary Pokemon to arrive on Pokemon GO this year. Just a few months ago, Niantic also released the three Legendary birds from the Kanto Region along with Mewtwo and Lugia and even the three Legendary beasts from the Johto Region.

If you haven’t caught the Legendary Ho-Oh, make sure to head to the gym and catch it before it was gone.

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