Dramatically Increase of Pokémon Spawns In Rural and Urban Areas In Pokémon Go

You may have already noticed it now, but if you don’t, we would like to inform you that there has been an increase of Pokémon spawns in different locations for both urban and rural areas. No more whining rural players, Niantic is now giving a massive boost of Pokémon spawn in your area.

Pokémon Spawn Increase In Both Rural & Urban Areas

Earlier today, Niantic announced on Pokémon Go twitter page the new update about the spawn rate of Pokémon. There are no other details until when this increase in spawn will last, so we recommend to hunt now before it’s gone. According to the Pokémon Go:

Trainers, we’ve observed increased numbers of Pokémon sightings in parks and other outdoor locations in urban and rural areas.

Pokémon GO

This is a good time for Niantic to give Pokémon Go players such update. It’s the perfect timing to increase the spawn rates of Pokémon since Niantic also added the baby Pokémon last few days ago.

Hunt More Pokémon Before The Spawn Rate Drops Again

Winter is here and today is the best time to hunt more Pokémon. Yes, it’s cold outside but I know it will be worth it. The idea of the increase in spawn rate is to encourage Pokémon Go players to go outside to catch more Pokémon and a chance to hatch more eggs and get more baby Pokémon. Yesterday, Niantic also announced that Pikachu’s Santa hat will stay after the special holiday ends. Good timing huh?

On the other hand, this increase in spawn rate may also a sign for the preparation of the upcoming Pokémon Go Christmas Event. Niantic already teased Pokémon Go players with the special holiday for Pikachu wearing a Santa hat.

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