How To Get Curveball Bonus Without Actually Throwing A Curveball In Pokemon GO

It’s no secret that players in Pokemon GO are facing lots of bugs and issues. Some of them are tolerable but some are frustrating. One of the bugs that frequently annoy players right now is the curveball bug.

As reported, some of the players using the curveball method do not receive and credited with the bonus that the curveball offers. This results in a decrease of experience being received and getting a low bonus catch rate. In addition, there are reports that some players are getting a curveball bonus by only throwing a Pokeball straight.

The correct way to throw a curveball is by spinning the Pokeball before throwing it to a Pokemon. While spinning, it will create a visual effect and when released, the Pokeball arcs in the mid air before hitting the target.

While doing more research about the curveball bug, some trainers have noticed that they are getting a curveball bonus without even throwing a curveball. This may sound unrealistic but they filmed the gameplay it for evidence if needed.

A player from Reddit shared the two recordings of the glitch. The fist happened when catching Natu and the second is when catching a Jigglypuff. In addition to the claim, lots of other trainers supported his thread and confirmed that they also experience the same thing.

Since the curveball method is in a total mess right now, we made a logical conclusion that a great and excellent throw on the evidence videos available. In our theory, the curveball bonus counts when it hits a certain area of a Pokemon. Instead of throwing a curveball, just throw it to the hot corner of the Pokemon. However, the only downside is that you might not get a great and excellent throws.

Niantic already acknowledges the curveball bug, but unfortunately, they did not take it as a negative issue of the game. It’s obvious that the curveball bug is an issue and need to be fixed right away. However, Niantic still has a long list of more pressing bugs and problem to work on first. We are hoping that after Niantic finished the issues with Raid Battles, they will immediately work on this bug.

Niantic Will Now Be Adding More PokeStops In Rural Areas

Ever since Pokemon GO has been released, trainers in rural areas are facing lots of issues when it comes to Pokemon Experience. One of the complaints is that they were unable to make the most of the features offered in the game since the location data is limited in such areas.

Another issue that was already reported is that rural areas don’t have enough Pokemon spawns. During the initial days of the game, Niantic is detecting and using an algorithm based on cellular data traffic heat map. Because of this, it’s obvious that trainers in rural areas will receive a low amount of spawns compared to urban areas. This problem has been addressed, and Niantic already made some changes, but the issue is still there and needs an improvement.

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