Start Saving Your Candies Now! These 10 Pokemon Are Getting An Evolution On Generation 2 Release

Pokemon Go is a big time hit for mobile gaming and Niantic wants you to know that they have plans to improve the game further. Pretty soon, trainers will now a chance to access the breedings, new Pokéstop upgrades and the most awaited Generation 2 evolution of Pokemon. Just like the old times, Pokemon Go will also have a Generation 2 evolution.

Hype among Pokemon Go players is getting high. Join me as I list of all the Pokemon that will be having a Gen 2 evolution for the release of the Gen 2 update. Start saving this Pokemon candies now if you want to have a Gen 2 Pokemon.

10. Crobat


It looks like those annoying Zubats will now have a place in your Pokedex. Although Crobat is not that strong even when evolved (based on the previous version of the game) it will be still useful for starters.

9. Bellossom



This is a pure grass type Pokemon that evolves from Gloom which originally came from Oddish. It will most likely cost 100 candies to evolve to Bellossom.

8. Politoed


Politoed is the 3rd (and final stage) evolution of Poliwhirl which originally came from Poliwag. In the other version of Pokemon games, you needed to trade a Poliwhirl to another player while it was holding a King’s Rock to obtain Politoed. While in Pokemon Go, you might need 100 candies to evolve this Pokemon.

7. Slowking


Slowpoke is not the smartest Pokemon in the game, however, he is a strong Pokemon. Evolving it to a Slowking in Pokemon Go will make him a lot stronger. Slowking (2nd evolution stage) was evolved from Slowpoke.

6. Steelix


Onix is the Pokemon that represents Brook in Pokemon Series. Onix is one of the weakest and with this evolution, Steelix, the game will entirely change. Seriously, Steelix is one strong Pokemon that you can get in the entire game. Onix will evolve straight to Steelix that might cost only 50 candies.

5. Blissey


Blissey is the final stage of evolution of Chansey. As of now, Chansey has a high HP which is a very good tank and can take a lot of damage. So evolving it to Blissey will surely make one tough Pokemon. Evolving Blissey might cost you 50 candies.

4. Kingdra


Horsea is another Pokemon that you might start saving their candies because you will be having a chance to evolve it into Kingdra. Since Kingdra (3rd evolution) is evolved from Seadra (2nd evolution) it might cost you 100 candies.

3. Scizor


Scizor is the 2nd and final evolution of Scyther. In the other Pokemon games, when Scizor is evolved, he loses hit points in exchange for gaining defense and attack damage. Since this is the 2nd evolution, it might cost 50 candies to evolve.

2. Espeon and Umbreon

espeon umbreon

This two evolution originated from one of the cutest Pokemon in the game, Eevee. Espeon is a psychic type Pokemon while Umbreon is a dark type Pokemon. As of now, there are tricks to forcibly evolve Eevee into the evolution of your choice by changing their nicknames before evolving. If so, users are guessing that this is also applicable to Espeon and Umbreon. Players are suggesting that changing their nicknames Night and Day will force Eevee to evolve into Espeon (Day) and Umbreon (Night).

1. Porygon2


Porygon is considered as one of the Pokemon that is hard to catch in Pokemon Go. If you managed to get 50 candies, you can have a chance to evolve Porygon to Porygon2 which the 2nd stage of evolution.

Here’s a baby list that might be also included together with the Gen 2 release.

  • Pichu  Pikachu
  • Cleffa – Clefairy
  • Igglybuff – Jigglypuff
  • Tyrogue – Hitmonlee / Hitmonchan / Hitmontop
  • Smoochum – Jynx
  • Elekid – Electrobuzz
  • Magby – Magmar

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