Final Migration Of The Three Legendary Beasts In Pokemon GO Is Coming

Pokemon GO is currently in the middle of the Halloween event featuring lots of amazing in-game bonuses. But that’s not only the things happening here. Right now, we still have the three Legendary beasts from the Johto region who are about to migrate.

For the next entire month, Pokemon GO players in America and some region will soon be able to encounter and catch Suicune. Europe will be getting Raikou and Asia will be getting Entei. At the end of the month of November, all the three Legendary beasts will be leaving the continent, just like what happened to the three Legendary birds from the Kanto Region.

What’s clear for now is that these Pokemon will be leaving anytime soon. But what will be coming next? After this release, we still have to find the remaining Legendaries from the Generation 2 Pokemon. These include Ho-oh and Celebi, both of which are expected to make their debut soon.

There are rumors that these two Legendaries will be available through regular Legendary Raids, like what happened before, or when the EX Raid battle has been officially released. But let’s hope not because the EX Raid feature is still undergoing to an intensive change.

Whatever happens, things are going well in Pokemon GO. Recently, Niantic started to introduce some of the Pokemon from the Generation 3 list. These Pokemon happened to appear because of the Halloween event. We are still unsure if these Generation 3 Pokemon will stay after the event ended, so make sure to catch them all before it disappears.

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