Upcoming Feature Spoilers From Pokemon GO APK ver 0.49.1

Pokemon Go hype just rise again when Niantic announced the coming of the new Pokemon yesterday. The company behind the phenomenal hit Pokemon Go revealed that new Pokemon are coming and details will be out this coming 12th of December.

Expectations for this announcement are high and most of the Pokemon Go players are guessing that the new Pokemon are referring to the Generation 2 Pokemon or the legendary Pokemon.

So before Niantic announced what the new Pokemon are, we will give you the new highlights that were found in the latest Pokemon Go APK version 0.49.1. Thanks to The Silph Road for extracting the new data from the game.

Pokemon GO APK version 0.49.1 Highlights

  • Sound Files For The New 100 Pokemon
    This update is not that shocking as the 100 new Pokemon were already found in the previous version of the game. What’s new here is that Niantic already added the sound files for each Pokemon. Does it mean we are getting this new Pokemon soon?
  • Pokemon Genders
    It looks like Pokemon Go will introduce the gender for each Pokemon. Both male and female gender identifier is at work.
  • Shiny Pokemon
    More code has been added for shiny Pokemon. For those who don’t know what shiny Pokemon are, these are the re-colored version of normal Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare in the game.
  • More Avatar Customization
    It looks like avatar customization will be expanded. There are still no signs of it in the current UI of the game, but the new codes have been added in the game. Here are the upcoming new avatar customization categories:

    • HAIR
    • SHIRT
    • PANTS
    • HAT
    • SHOES
    • EYES
  • Pokemon Costumes
    Yes! You read it right. It looks like Niantic will give a new look for our Pokemon these coming days. Aside from that, a new code HOLIDAY appeared.
  • New Positioning Of Buddy Pokemon: Baby
    The current position of buddy Pokemon right now is at your feet, air or shoulder. But a new positioning has been added, the baby. The new code that has been added only proves the rumored Baby Pokemon before. They are really coming!
  • New Sponsor Codes Has Been Added
    As of writing, there are total of 5 sponsor codes in the game. The two new sponsors are:

    • GRILL
    • SMOKER
  • Pokemon Tracker Tweaks
    The new nearby tracker is not perfect and Niantic receives a lot of feedback when they released it to some new countries. With this update, tweaks for the nearby and sightings tracker has been added.

That’s all trainers! Looking at these new data that were found in the game, it just proved that Niantic is busy to give us more features in the game.

What do you think about this new data mined from APK 0.49.1? Please leave us your thoughts in the comment section below. Want to get the latest news and updates like this? Then please enter your email in the subscription box under this post. Professor Willow will try to send you daily updates in Pokemon Go!

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