Complete Pokémon GO v0.81.1 Data Mine – Anti-Cheats Upgrade, 7 New Moves and More

Earlier today Niantic released a new Pokemon GO client update. The old version is now overwritten with the new version 0.81.1 for Android and 1.51.1 for iOS. While there is no additional information shown in the changelog aside from the bug fixes, we managed to dig some important hidden data included in this update.

Pokemon GO v0.81.1 APK Data Mine

Update: 3D models of Ho-Oh and Celebi have been discovered in the game’s network traffic. Click here for more details.

Anti-Cheat Upgrade (App Blacklisting)

As we all know, Niantic releases the Blacklisting anti-cheat system a month ago which targets potential threat applications that are used by some Pokemon GO players.

Now, the company has improved the Blacklist and the game now loads a list of installed applications on your device where it refuses to work if the application detects one of the blacklisted apps.

Pokemon GO Plus Tweak

The tweaking has been made due to the Unity upgrade happened on this version. Mostly, this changes is to ensure the reliable connection between your device and the GO plus via Bluetooth connectivity.

Unity Upgrade and Background Audio Fix

This new update for Pokemon GO brings the new Unity 2017.1. Although it does not guarantee improvement to its performance, it does surely fix Unity related bugs.

One of the issues that have been solved for this upgrade is the background audio, which is now working and active. Trainers can now finally listen to music without interruptions.

7 New Pokemon Moves

Last but not the list is the addition of the 7 new moves. The new moves are now available in the game data but it’s not yet active and usable. Visual effects for the new moves were also added in this version.

  • Draco Meteor
  • Doom Desire
  • Surf
  • Psycho Boost
  • Waterfall (fast)
  • Take Down (fast)
  • Yawn (fast)

With the addition of these new moves, it’s safe to say that Niantic is working for the upcoming Generation 3 Pokemon release. We still don’t have the exact release date but expect to see them soon.

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