Clear Your Bag By Transferring Multiple Pokemon at Once in Pokemon GO

The recent update gives Pokemon Go players an option to transfer multiple Pokemon to Professor Willow at once. Here’s how it is done.

Now that Ditto has been released in the wild, we know most of the Pokemon Go players already caught thousands of Pidgeys, Rattata and Zubat hoping to catch Ditto. But not all of your catch gives you Ditto and that’s the problem. Lucky you, with the recent update, players can now bulk transfer a Pokemon at once.

Reminder When Using Bulk Transfer

Before you start the bulk transfer, I need to warn you first. Bulk transferring a Pokemon is easy but when you accidentally transferred a rare Pokemon is not easy. Why? Because once you sent that Pokemon to Professor Willow, you can’t take it back anymore.

If you want to keep your favorite and hard-earned Pokemon, all you need to do is to mark them as your favorite Pokemon. The bulk transfer tool will not work on any Pokemon marked as favorite, same as your buddy Pokemon and the one that was in the gym.

Source: CNET

Celebrate For More Candies

Okay, now that you already marked your favorite Pokemon, all you need to do is to use the power of the new Bulk Transfer feature. To do this, just go to the Pokemon screen and press the Pokemon with your finger. A green square will show and once it appears, it was the sign that the Pokemon you selected is already added to the list of Pokemon that you are going to transfer. Scroll down and do the same thing for the other Pokemon that you want to send to Professor Willow. Once you’re done, tap on the Transfer Button below the screen and it will send all the selected Pokemon to Professor.

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