Celebi and Ho-Oh 3D Models Found In Pokemon GO’s Network Traffic

Few hours after the release of the new Pokemon GO client update, Niantic has officially added the 3D models of the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh and the Mythical Pokemon Celebi on their servers.

According to a confirmed report, the new client shows the 3D models of the two Pokemon in Pokemon GO’s network traffic.

Celebi and Ho-Oh 3D Models Found

The discovery of this information is a bit tricky compared to the previous data mining. According to Charles, a Pokemon GO data miner, the data that were obtained was hidden on the player’s Pokedex where it already shows Celebi and Ho-Oh as caught. After getting this information, he rendered it where it shows the 3D models of the two Pokemon including the shiny variant of Ho-Oh.

Normal Ho-Oh

Shiny Ho-Oh

Normal Celebi

Please be reminded that their 2D icons are still missing in the game app right now. So once those assets have been added, there we can start speculating about their potential release.

In addition, be aware that both normal and shiny variant of Mewtwo are already in the game but unfortunately, we had never had the chance to encounter or catch a shiny Mewtwo.

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